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All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner

Bad smell is one of the big problems that women face when dealing with the kitchen or bathroom sink, which may put some people in embarrassing situations when someone visits them, smells that smell, to take the idea that the owners of the house are neglectful.

And some women resort to expensive detergents that do not perform the same desired purpose, and sometimes their effectiveness is much less than we expect, or compared to the amount of money we paid to buy them.

  • Tools:

½ cup baking soda

½ cup citric acid

½ cup cornstarch


Plastic bag

25 drops of essential oils

Plastic spoon

  • Method of preparation:

We mix baking soda with citric acid and cornstarch.

Add water to them and put the mixture inside a plastic bag.

We mix them together until they turn into a cohesive dough, and you should not use too much water so that it does not spoil.

We put drops of essential oils on the mixture.

With a spoon we take portions of the mixture and place them on the non-stick paper.

Leave the mixture for a full day to dry.

  • How to use :

Small balls are placed inside the bath or tub spout.

Leave it for a while until it reacts with the water and extracts its components.

Then we turn the water into the bathroom and we’re done.


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