Craft Ideas – How To Make Easy Crafts For Kids

Easy Fun DIY Craft Ideas And Projects For Kids

Craft Ideas
Easy Crafts For Kids

Easy Craft Ideas to do at home, This is the best craft you can ever make I had made this for my birthday party and everybody loved it, you can also make this craft for any time because it’s quick and easy kids crafts can be made in a few minutes.

Easy Crafts For Kids

Why Crafts For Kids? And Why Crafts With Your Kids?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of craft projects that you can make with your children that require NO special skills or tools and that take less than half an hour of your time. In fact, most of these quick and easy kids craft project ideas that I’ve rounded up here actually take less than FIFTEEN minutes to make!

A recent study by Dr. Richard Rende revealed that creative interaction between parents and young children engaging in activities like arts and crafts not only provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits but also creates a unique bonding experience, which creates lifelong memories. Taking time to be creative with your children is a topic that I am incredibly passionate about.

Crafts For Kids – a lot of Art and Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

Easy DIY Princess Wand For Kids


  • Straws
  • 9×12 Sheets of foam, or foam shapes
  • Ribbon
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue (Elmer’s can work too if you have time to let it dry completely!)


  • Cut out a star shape from the 9×12 sheet of foam.
  • Staple two pieces of ribbon to the foam.
  • Next, staple the ribbon and stars to the straw.
  • Glue a smaller foam shape to the front of the wand, covering up the staples.
Garden Pinwheel Craft for Kids from Recycled Artwork
Garden Pinwheel Craft for Kids from Recycled Artwork

Garden Pinwheel Craft for Kids: Adding a personal touch to your garden is a fun way to encourage your kids to help in the garden. There are a few things you need when gardening with kids but kids also really enjoy getting to personalize their garden space. It’s a fun way to keep them engaged in the garden while they wait for all those plants to grow.

Supplies for Pinwheel Craft

  • Crayons or Markers
  • Pencil
  • Push Pin
  • Tools
  • Scissors


How to Make Paper Windmill: Craft Ideas

Take your piece of paper and cut it into a perfect square.
An easy way to do this is to fold the paper into a triangle, taking one corner and lining it up to the other side. This will leave excess on one side that, once cut, gives you a square!

Decorate both sides of the paper with whatever design you wish.
You can create a summer scene or just a fun design – like the colorful hearts we’ve created.

Fold the paper diagonally so it turns into a triangle and creases it lightly.

Repeat this for the opposite direction as well. You will then unfold and have a creased “X” on the page.

Cut along the creases about halfway to the middle of the paper. Be sure not to cut all the way.

Bend each corner into the middle. Make sure to bend and not fold.

Bend each corner into the middle. Make sure to bend and not fold.

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Craft Ideas – How To Make Easy Crafts For Kids

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