Inspiring DIY Painted Rock Ideas

These irresistible painted rock ideas are great arts and crafts projects for kids and adults. See how easy and fun it is to paint your favorite quotes or draw beautiful designs on rocks, and make them into unique home garden decor and gifts!

Last week I thought about painting some rocks for a fun art project, and was doing research on rock painting. I really did not expect to find so many creative and beautiful painted rock ideas and projects! 

This post was totally spontaneous because I just have to share all the inspirations with you!  

1. How to paint mandalas on rocks 

Some of my favorite rock paintings are mandala paintings and drawings. Mandalas are called patterns of the universe. These painted rocks made with acrylic paint pens and white paint pens are great gifts and decor to inspire a sense of peace in our daily environments.

2. Drawing on pebbles and stones

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