How to make paper Cactus mold

Today’s tip is how to make these beautiful paper cacti with mold, we brought several examples, templates and even a video that shows the step by step. It’s very simple. No doubt it will look beautiful in your party decoration or even table in the room.

To carry out this crafts with paper you will need cardboard with the color of your preference. Green is usually used to represent cacti, but you can use a color like white, for example.

The interior decoration or design can be done with white canetinhas or acrylic or gouache paints. In addition, the vase can be both paper and be a common gardening vessel.

In this very cool video, the artisan uses pebbles to ‘plant’ the cactus in the cup and get super cool, you can use sand or make a mix of coarse sand and stones, it will certainly be very interesting.

Look what charm it gets, you can spice up by making flowers and small cutouts to create thorns.

Here are some really cool templates for you to use

The following are some templates for you to print and get inspired by the creation of your own cacti at home.

Examples of decoration and use of 3d cacti

See now a gallery with several templates for you to have even more ideas feeding your creativity with beautiful images.

We hope you enjoyed this piece of paper craft, be sure to comment and share. Good handicrafts.

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